Anytime, anywhere are the characteristics that set mobile services apart from the crowd. Roaming is at the heart of the mobile service’s value proposition and has played a major role driving the global spread of the technology.

Mobile users tend to associate service access and availability with their handset devices rather than their locations or service providers. So as long as they have their device with them customers feel they should be able to use the same services they use at home wherever they are in the world. And over the years mobile operators have developed the network, service, inter-working and billing capabilities to satisfy such expectations.

Roaming is an advantage the mobile community must continue to leverage with the development of enhanced data services and the roll out of next generation networks. It’s certainly been at the heart of many of the mobile operators association’s initiatives over the past couple of years and the reason the various task forces have placed so much emphasis on facilitating inter-working and interoperability.

Mobile customers can now access services in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. No other technology has anything approaching this kind of reach and it’s precisely the global strength of mobile services that makes its networks, technology and services such a sound investment proposition.

Put another way, roaming means that any one of the billion mobile users worldwide is potentially a customer to be served by any mobile operator. Contakt supports the latest specifications and offers unique telecom solutions to accelerate deployment of network elements that enable an unparalleled combination of scalability, global interoperability, and fault resilience applications on open computing platforms.