The convergence of the Web and telecom worlds has resulted in profound changes in the way people communicate. Though text messaging is primarily driving the growth in wireless data services, by currently accounting for 90% of total operator wireless data service revenue, recent messaging service offerings integrate mobile and Internet-based messaging services.

Enhanced network services, such as messaging, are in great demand in today's communication services marketplace. While youth markets initially adopted wireless text messaging, those markets have seen the appeal grow to all segments of their population. Today, messaging is quickly evolving to new services, such as rich multimedia messaging, and offers the potential to generate billions of dollars in service provider revenue.

Our messaging platform offers interactive and personal services with applications to deliver real-time policy and real-time charging for today and tomorrow’s business models and services.

Contakt supports the latest specifications and offers unique telecom solutions to accelerate deployment of network elements that enable an unparalleled combination of scalability, global interoperability, and fault resilience applications on open computing platforms. Please contact us for more information.